Gloria is Livin’ the Dream!

Gloria has lived in our community since the summer of 2017. She loves socializing with her friends and staff, and she is always excited to meet new people. She is always willing to help around the community in any way she can. Whether it be planting flowers in our raised garden beds, baking in our activity room, or making decorations, she always has fun helping with everything. You can usually find her walking around the community early in the morning getting her daily exercise. One of Gloria’s special traits is that she is always looking out for others. She is concerned about her friends and fellow residents, and she is always ready to lift others up when they are feeling down or need help or encouragement.

One of our signature programs is the “Livin’ the Dream” program. We do something special for one of our residents several times a year. We wanted to give Gloria a day to remember. She loves golf, and it has been a big part of her life. We wanted her to take a couple friends who liked golf too so they could all share the experience together. We took them all to Top Golf and started out with lunch. Gloria loves a good hot dog, and that is what she wanted, so she had two hot dogs. Then we spent most of the afternoon hitting golf balls, talking, and laughing. We ended the day with getting her a Top Golf cap. For her, this was a day to remember. A day just for her. She has not stopped talking about it since.

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